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Penstock 4sides tight with rising plate with upgraded tightness

Penstock with double threaded shaft
with wedges and compression set for high high pressure

1 – Scope of use :

For round or square, rectangular openings.

Open-close function with intermediate position adjustment, 4-sided tightness, in any position and for water pressure from 2 sides (upstream and downstream).

2 – Technical specifications :

Chamfered U-profile frame with side mounting plates for bolting to concrete wall. Shovel reinforced according to load. Tightness achieved with removable extruded peripheral sealant gaskets, compression wedges.

A self-adhesive foam-rubber gasket seals the frame to the structure (supplied).

The fixing bolts and nuts of the frame are included in our supply.

For large sizes, the penstock plate will be lifted by a double trapezoidal threaded rod.

3 – Dimensions – on requestre :

Up to 2000 x 2000mm  or  DN 2000.

Larger size, available on demand.

Type of drives :

  • Drive mounted inside manhole type AS
  • Drive mounted on headstock type AF
  • Drive mount don top frame beam type AT


The materials used in the basic version for the various equipment and accessories are as follows:

1 – Frame, plate, fixation brackets, rod extension and headstock

Steel galvanized (St-37)  DIN 1.0037
Stainless steel (304) DIN 1.4301
Stainless steel (316TI) DIN 1.4571
Aluminium (AlMg3) DIN 3.3535
Cast iron (GG25) DIN GJL250

Other material on request.

2 – Bolts and nuts

Stainless steel V4A

Other material on request.

3 – Sealant gaskets

EPDM / APTK – Éthylène – Propylène – Terpolymère – Caoutchouc NBR – Acrylonitrile Butadiène

Rubber CR – Néoprène – Polychloroprène – Caoutchouc.

Other material on request.

4 – Threaded shaft / rod

Stainless steel (430F) DIN 1.4104
Stainless steel (304) DIN 1.4301
Stainless steel (316TI) DIN 1.4571

5 – Mother piece for rod, shaft

Bronze –  RG7  2.1090 – RG7 – Cu Sn 7 Zn  Pb

6 – Compression and sliding wedges 

PA –  Polyamide, PE – Polyéthylène, POM – Polyoxyméthylène

Bronze – N° matériau – RG7  2.1090 – RG7 – Cu Sn 7 Zn  Pb

Other material on request.

7 – Dowel and anchors

Stainless steel V4A ( approved.)

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