About Us

Expert singe 1970

Passion and know-how to make the difference

We specialize in the engineering and sale of equipment for environmental water management projects, the treatment of domestic, industrial or agricultural wastewater as well as nuisances due to bad odors. The respective production sites for each specialty are entirely dedicated to the successful completion of your projects.

Who are we ?

1970 date of set-up of the company MSU (Matériel de Sécurité Urbaine) located in Alsace region, France which has built its reputation with major public and private contractors by carrying out, from study to supply, all types of projects related to treatment and management water, industry and public works.

Later, Bergtec International was set up to develop international business in association with external experts in their respective fields of expertise, such as odor treatment and heavy duty manhole and road covers.

Our goal:

To design tailor-made treatment solutions, for all types of domestic, industrial, domestic, agricultural or livestock discharges. Our sales program includes a wide range of equipment that is especially resistant to the most aggressive environments thanks to the quality of the methods and materials used. They comply with current environmental and standards requirements, they integrate perfectly into the works .The exceptional performances that we guarantee are obtained thanks to the choice of innovative techniques and especially selected materials.

Our solutions are suitable for aggressive wastewater and particularly marine environments (coastal area, desalination plant)

Our multilingual team, experienced in international project management, will be able to support you effectively, from the study to the final realization of your projects, also ensuring site monitoring and managing international transport logistics.

Our philosophy and objectives

We want to be the company that wins projects in our field thanks to our know-how, which we are constantly developing. Our desire is to be a loyal partner to our customers, whatever their project, size or distance, by providing them with the best consulting and equipment supply services. Our ambition is to be present on all continents, by seizing all opportunities to link either partnerships or customer-supplier links.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We always look for and favor the solutions that are the most consistent with our spirit of environmental protection. The materials used for the manufacture of equipment is generally aluminum which is produced in an ISO 14000 certified factory.

Thanks to our activities in a dynamic market rich in diverse skills, we have established relationships of trust with some of the big names in the field of environmental protection, whether in the compact treatment of water and waste or bad smells.