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Lock cofferdam

Construction : According to EN ISO 3834-4

  • Maxi. 1/150th deflection limit  under load  with safety factor of 1.7.
  • For a fluid density of 1030 kg/m³

Logs made of  extruded aluminium profile. The selection of profile according to the effort diagram. Our various available profile:

  • Art. Nr. 1603 (wide 30mm)
  • Art. Nr 1604 (wide 60mm)
  • Art. Nr. 1606 (wide 100mm )
  • Art. Nr. 1609 (wide 150mm)

In the event of a water load exceeding the limits of our profiles, it is possible to reinforce the stop log / boards. Reinforcement will be determined after calculation by our engineer. Dam consisting of one (1) or several elements, for easier handling and lighter mechanical lifting.

On demand:

  • Self-supporting structure with bracing and stays.
  • Integrated pressure relief-valve
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