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Compact water treatment unit

For individual and complete treatment of domestic, drinking or industrial wastewater


Global but local treatment solutions for environmental protection without constraints on the location.

We are a team of approximately 1,300 people, spread over more than 12 countries, since 1995, our vocation has been to protect our environment through innovative solutions for the treatment of waste water, storm rain, polluted runoff, while recovering organic waste into exploitable resources!

With fully autonomous production capacities thanks to partnerships with specialists in their respective fields (manufacturer of pumps, filters, etc.), we export all over the world by relying on a network of local players and skills.

We are resolutely committed to the permanent research and innovation of new solutions to make water treatment technologies greener and thus better protect Nature.


For the treatment of 5 to 200 persons or maxi capacity 20 m3/hour equivalent inhabitants

Extended Aeration:

Standard biological treatment by aeration and clarification SBR: Sequential Biological

Treatment MBBR: Moving Bed Biological Reactor MBR: Membrane Biological Reactor, disinfection, pH correction and purification unit

Flocculation treatment unit

Connection to the pump station with control unit


Wastewater treatment by MBBR / MBR systems

The MBBR system is designed to effectively depollute domestic, urban and industrial wastewater in the context of grouped or small collective sanitation, ranging from 50 to 400 equivalent inhabitants (for a request greater than 400 PE, contact us).

INTENSIVE TREATMENT: Aerobic biological treatment of the fixed culture type in motion: Biomass fixed on an unalterable synthetic filling which is kept in motion by fluidization. Insufflation of air necessary for the mixing and the degradation of the filter.

1 – Primary settling tank

2 – Passage with PF-525 filter and protective grille 3 – Biological reactor

4 – DN 90 air network

5 – Air network with thick bubble diffusers

6 – Filling medium

7 – Secondary settling tank (MBBR) or membrane with high purification rate (MBR)

8 – Excess sludge recycling pump

9 – Thompson type water discharger

10 – Discharge of treated water

11 – Side channel compressor

12 – Electrical control cabinet Treatment integrating a buried water lifting/pumping station, when the topography of the land requires it.

The wastewater concerned is:

• raw wastewater (untreated wastewater)

• decolloided wastewater (at the primary settling tank outlet)

Wastewater treatment by SBR: large capacity treatment

Prefabricated PE container of any size. The SBR system (sequential biological treatment) is integrated in a tank composed of a settling chamber and a treatment chamber. The micro-plant treats the effluents in several cycles. The waters are 99% purified. The performance of the compact plant is well below the maximum values ​​defined by the standard.


1. Sewage supply phase. The wastewater arrives in the settling chamber, where the sludge is stored (chamber 1), then it is transferred to the SBR treatment chamber (chamber 2).

2. Aeration phase. This phase consists of periodically aerating the effluents. Aeration is generated by the membrane plate located at the bottom of the tank. Thus the bacteria are said to be “activated” and feed on the material to be treated. Aeration also allows mixing of the water to be treated.

3. Settling phase During settling, the complete installation is at rest, so that the treated water rises to the surface in the aeration chamber and the residual sludge settles to the bottom.

4. Clear water discharge phase. This phase consists of evacuating the biologically treated water. Then, the residual sludge decanted at the bottom of the tank is returned from chamber 2 to chamber 1.

Individual treatment unit

ECOFLO treatment

Eco-friendly coconut-based filtration

ECOFLO, designed to effectively depollute domestic wastewater in the context of grouped or small collective sanitation, from 25 to 200 equivalent inhabitant (for a request greater than 200 PE, contact us). Discharges without harmful impact on the environment.

PASSIVE TREATMENT (without energy) Pre-treatment by settling in the all-water pit, equipped with a pre-filter. Pretreated water collected in the ECOFLO coconut fragments filter and distributed using a tipping bucket. Evacuation of treated water either directly into the natural environment (watercourses) or by infiltration into the ground. 10 years of legal guarantee: On the resistance of the HDPE container, on the quality of the various equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the treatment process (pre-filter, bucket, distribution plates and coconut filter media). Guarantee on purification performance: if you entrust us with the maintenance of your ECOFLO compact filter, you will benefit, throughout the duration of the maintenance contract, from an additional commercial guarantee on the purification performance of the ECOFLO compact filter.

We are the only manufacturer able to offer you such a guarantee.


Ideal for the treatment of domestic water thanks to a biological reactor and secondary clarifier.

SBR TREATMENT - Public and industrial treatment

ECOFLO TREATMENT: Individual treatment

AERATION+: Individual treatment

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