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Diversion shovel with mechanical closure

Diversion shovel with drive in the axis of rotation (type VEZ 1)
Diversion shovel with lateral mounted drive (type VEZ 2)

1 – Scope of use :

Diversion and distribution of a water flow in an open distribution channel. One way direction of flow: upstream.

2 –Technical characteristics :

Set of frame and shovel mechanically welded. Delivered with wall mounted frame . The drive of the shovel rod consists of a non-rising threaded rod which is held by a bronze axial nut. An EPDM seal will be placed between the frame and the wall.

3 – Shovel with axial drive type VEZ1

The drive of the shovel is in the axis either of a gear box reducer or by an electric motor.

4 – Shove with lateral mounted drive type VEZ 2

The drive is placed laterally of the shovel.  The shovel though a threaded rod is operated by a gear box and handle , or by an electric motor.

5 – Dimensions – request :

From 300 x 300mm up to  2000 x 2000mm.

Larger sizes on demand.


The materials used in the basic version for the various equipment and accessories are as follows:

1 – Frame, shovel and headstock 

Steel– galvanized (St-37) DIN 1.0037
Stainless steel (304) DIN 1.4301
Stainless steel (316TI) DIN 1.4571
Aluminium (AlMg3) DIN 3.3535
Cast iron (GG25) DIN GJL250

2 – Bolts and nuts

Stainless steel V4A

3 – Sealant gaskets


4 – Threaded shaft

Stainless steel (V2A) DIN 1.4104
Stainless steel (V2A) DIN 1.4301
Stainless steel (316TI) DIN 1.4571
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