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Fixed inclined ladder with angle between 45° and 70°

Comply to EN ISO 14122-3 and NF E85-015


Art. Nr. 1400 : Aluminium

Art. Nr. 6400 : Stainless steel

Art. Nr. 9400 : Composite / GRP



  • Stiles: rectangular profile 120x170mm (alu) or flat (steel ) or U-shape (GRP)
  • Width between stiles : 600 à 800 mm
  • Tread-step width 100, 200 mm made of perforated flooring (anti-skid class coefficient d’accrochage R11) acc. to DIN BGR 181 and GUV-I 8527. (version alu ou acier)
  • Handrail on both sides

Ladder mounted against slab at the top, and down on floor.


By TIG/MIG welding for aluminium or steel option, bolted and glued  for GRP.

Bolst and nuts:

Stainless steel  V4a

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