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Retractable handhold for BERGTEC-MSU ladders

Comply to EN 14396


Aluminum (with reinforcement)

Stainless steel

Composite (GRP)

Retractable handhold, single bar: flanged on ladder, long 1650 mm. Factory assembly.

Alu : Art. Nr.1005

Steel : Art. Nr. 6005

GRP: Art. Nr 9005

Retractable handhold, double bar: mounted on ladder, long 1900 mm. 1900 mm. Factory assembly

Alu : Art. Nr. 1009 

Acier : Art. Nr. 6009

GRP: Art. Nr 9009

Retractable handhold, single bar, long 1900mm, wall-mounted with anchors M12-VA4 , and wall spacing 100 or 60mm

Alu : Art. Nr.1010

Steel : Art. Nr. 6010

GRP : Art. Nr. 9010

Art. Nr. 1111/81 – Ladder extension, long 1400mm, with fall-arrester rail.

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