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Wall mounted ladder without safety cage below 3m

Ladder Art. Nr 1105 for manhole


  • Tubular stile profile : Ø 30 mm
  • Rungs, ribbed and anti-skid: Ø 20 mm
  • Width between stiles: 300 or 400 mm
  • Adjustable fixation clamp with EPDM wall fixation plugs, art. nr. 675/350 (round wall) or art. nr. 675/351 (straight wall).
  • Installation : Drill Ø 26 mm, deep 80 mm, drive in the clamp using a “plastic” and flange it with the supplied bolts on the ladder’s stiles.
  • Adjustable clamp with wall fixation end plate  supplied with mounting bolts art. nr. 670/525

Amount of flange, clamps :

At least 4 units and after 1 pair  every 1.50m

Optional :

  • Safety retractable handhold, long 1450mm art. nr. 1005
  • Hot powder coated Thermo-laquage (all colors acc. to RAL )

Safety ladder Art. Nr 1111

Complying to ISO EN 14122-3 and ISO EN 14396

Scope of use:

Access ladder fixed on buildings or in manholes and having a length of less than 3m


Material :

Art. Nt . 1111 : Aluminium,

Art. Nr . 6111 : Stainless steel

Art. Nr.  9111 : composite (GRP)

Construction :

  • Stiles: oval (aluminium)rectangular (steel) or U-shape (composite) profile
  • Landing step
  • Rungs: ribbed tube or perforated tread-step
  • Steps spacing : 250-300 mm
  • Width between stiles: 300, 400 or 500 mm
  • All length on request (with couplings above 6.00m length)
  • TIG assembly for metal option or clued for GRP ladder


Fixation brackets

Standard length of 200 mm, larger size on demand.

  • Brackets spacing 3000 mm
  • For straight or circular walls (indicate diameter, inside or outside mounting)
  • All design available on request

Bolts and nuts V4a supplied with delivery


  • Retractable handhold with single or double bars (Art. Nr. 1005 or 1009)
  • Pack of fall-arrester including safety carriage and harness
  • Extension of stiles Type S/P, S/R or C/R
  • Self-closing wicket gate
  • Intermediate platform
  • Hot powder coating for aluminium ladder.
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