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Ladder with safety cage for height greater than 3m

Comply to ISO EN 14122-3 ; ISO EN 14396, NF E85 - 016


Art. Nr. 1308: In aluminium

Art. Nr. 6038: In stainless steel

Art. Nr. 9038: In composite (GRP)


By TIG welding (alu / steel ) ou gluing (GRP)

NB: Pour les échelles en acier, elles sont entièrement passivées et grenaillées



  • Stiles: oval (alu) rectangular (steel) U-shape  (GRP)
  • Width between 300, 400 or 500 mm.
  • Ribbed anti-skid rungs (alu or GRP) or perforated tread-step (steel)
  • Top landing step.

Safety cage:

  • 5 vertical tubes (alu) or flat (steel or GRP)
  • Bows tubes (alu) or  flat (steel or GRP) with spacing every 1500 mm.
  • Safety cage, fully welded (alu or steel) on ladder
  • Safety cage, welded to  be bolted on ladder ( alu)
  • Safety cage, fully bolted, bolted-on ladder (aluminium, steel or GRP)

All length available  (with couplings  for length above 6 m) 

Mounting brackets:

Standard length 200 mm (other dimensions on demand) For straight or circular walls (indicate inner or outside dia.

Toutes modifications possible et sur demande.

Bolts and nuts: stainless steel AISI 316TI


  1. Fabrication in several flights beyond 8m
  2. Supply of intermediate rest-landing for height above 8m
  3. Exit-accès to ladder: Rétractable safety handhold ( single bar art..1005 or double bar art.1009).
  4. Exit-accès to ladder: Extension of stiles above floor level high 1.10m P
  5. Self-closing wicket gate
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